Our Purpose KWJV exists to attract and hold a large, committed audience. To establish relationships among key segments of our community (economic, social, civic, religious, etc.) for the purpose of strengthening & building our community. To give voice to our community – particularly the local church. We welcome underwriting dollars by executing a programming strategy that connects underwriters with open and receptive listeners. To allow God to connect us in unity to aspire to higher values within ourselves and in our communities. Through the use of various forms of media (radio, television, internet, etc.) we will create content that promotes positive values in a way that encourages community connectedness and participation in overcoming negative forces and striving for a greater good. We believe those values worthy of striving for are those which spring from our Judeo-Christian traditions. Those values of unconditional love, respect, humility, honor, integrity, compassion, etc. fuel our drive to bring value to the lives of those around us. These are values we can all share, regardless of the stage of physical and spiritual life we find ourselves. It is through the presentation of these shared values that we connect with like-minded media consumers in a way that establishes a relationship of trust. This connected community will then effect positive change as it grows in size and influence.